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How Do You Find Love?

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In Yvonne Oswald's book, "Every Word Has Power," she makes a strong case for the fact that you can only love someone else as much as you love yourself.  The more you are connected with yourself, the better you can connect with others.
I have written often of the high energy emotions of excitement, enthusiasm, joy, and happiness, and how when you radiate this kind of electricity, you not only attract!  But what can you do if you're not having these feelings?  Think about the following:
First, put a reasonable plan in place to build your foundational bricks under you.  You need something solid to stand on.  When you have...or are honestly working towards having...a career, savings, friends, hobbies, health, and personal growth, you will be able to sustain the positive energy that is irresistible to others.
Second, here is a secret that will work for your "down" times while you are putting your life in order.  You can trick your unconscious into believing you are happy by SMILING as often as possible...and literally keeping your CHIN UP.
Holding your chin in a slightly raised position, smiling, and staying focused on a positive vision for your future can pull you out of the doldrums.  Try it.
How do you find love?  Start with getting happy.

Attraction that Sticks


You've heard the expression..."No gain?". It gets tossed around often in conversations.  We take that phrase and make it a mantra.  We incorporate it into our lives and become addicted to attracting one crisis after another.  And then we assume, "That's life," or, "That's just my luck," or "Life is hard."
What if you woke up one morning and you had no problems?  You probably would say, right away, "Great!"
But think about it.  How would you define yourself without your difficulties?  Who would you be?  What would you do with your life?
What if...for just a thought about awaking your sleeping genius?  What if you had something so exciting to do, you saw it as a thrilling challenge?  What if you found JOY was your predominant state of mind?
If you should shift your consciousness from looking at life through the lens of sad, negative, vexing problems to one of exhilarating, breathtaking, creative objectives, do you know what would happen to you?  People would be so attracted, they would stick to you like Velcro.

Your Attracting Powers


There is no denying that the enthusiasm and excitement you feel for your life...and about your what attracts people to you.  Evidence to support this idea can be found in books about the power of attraction, thousands of research studies exploring its components, and examples all around you of the people who have discovered the magic of living with the laws of attraction.  The core principle in attraction is this: energy.
I see the impact of shifting negative energy to positive energy every day in coaching people.  As clients do this, they increase all their opportunities in life exponentially.  What can you do personally to develop more of the kind of energy that attracts what you want -- including dates?  Try this exercise:
* Make a list of the simple; the ordinary; the everyday events, people, or occurrences that give you a flush of delight when you see or think about them.
* Consider for a moment your unique perspective and abilities ... the infinite powers you have developed from your incomprehensible life.  Make a conscious note of them.
* Think about all of the people, seen and unseen, who make you possible.  Take a pause to remember that their collective energies, large and small, power your day...and your life.
The gratitude, the awareness, and the shift in focus bring you to what is is precious and perfect.  This gives you the calm ...and the energy ... that makes you irresistibly attractive.
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