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10 Questions to Never Ask a Man

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I’m a curious gal, and I’ve made the mistake of asking some crazy questions. Here are 10 of my all-time favorite crazy questions that me or my friends have actually asked back in our Dating Dummy days:

What’s wrong? I know something’s wrong.

Even though we women see this as being caring and sympathetic, men see these persistent questions as NAGGING.  Men like to solve their problems on their own, and they will ask for your advice or opinion when they want it. Men love it when you trust them to handle their business on their own. You can be there for a man without solving his problems for him or making him talk about them.

Do I look fat in this?

Yes you do! Why do we seem to think that men have different eyes than we do? Yes, we speak different love languages at times, but I’m pretty sure that he can see that top not fitting you quite like it should just like you can. Now, obviously your man might have a different perception of your body than you do, but you should wear clothes that make you feel fabulous and sexy—not uncomfortable or self-conscious. If you “feel fat” in something, don’t ask him for his opinion. Just wear something else.

Am I the prettiest/sexiest/best girlfriend you’ve ever had?

You’re never going to win when you start comparing yourself to other people. And what exactly is the purpose behind this question? Are you going to get mad at him if you are not the prettiest girlfriend he’s ever had? This question smacks of insecurity, competitiveness, and is quite pointless.

How many times have you slept with her? [after meeting one of his female friends for the first time]

I have a suspicion that men and women cannot be purely platonic friends. Although I think this is true, I’m certainly not ready to answer that question if it is asked back to me.

Can I measure your penis? / Exactly how long is your penis?

I have NO idea why I needed or wanted to know this, but no man has ever answered this question or allowed me to whip out my ruler to investigate. Men are extremely sensitive about their penises. It’s like their spiritual power source. And would you want a man to ask to measure the elasticity of your vagina? Didn’t think so.

Do you really enjoy giving me oral sex?

Now, why do we do this to ourselves? In the face of this question, men will try their darndest to be diplomatic for as long as possible (which is usually five minutes). Of course they enjoy giving you pleasure! Of course they enjoy helping give you your daily dose of O. But there is absolutely no need to push him into a corner of having to answer the question of whether he truly enjoys all that munching. And then we go and get our feelings hurt when he says something like, “Well, I mean, I could live without it, but it’s okay.”

What happens if I get pregnant?

This kind of question will make the man wonder how many times you have gotten pregnant before and whether you might be trying to “trick” him into a marriage through pregnancy. I’ll answer this question for you: If you get pregnant, you will either give birth to the baby or not and then raise the baby or not yourself. He may or may not be there for the ride. It’s best to make sure you are ready to deal with whatever happens if you get pregnant without assuming he’s going to be in agreement with your plan.

What do you think about my mom?

If a man is going to be with you, he needs to respect your mother, and if he’s going to marry you, he needs to love your mother. But he doesn’t have to like her. Don’t make him lie and say that he does if you suspect that he doesn’t.

Do you want to move in together?

Ya’ll already know I don’t play the moving in together game. Moving in together is not going to make a man any more ready to marry you. However, I understand that it can be quite fun and romantic and whatnot. But! If a man wanted to move in with you, he would bring it up. With these kinds of things, it feels so much better to us women to be asked than to do the asking. Let him ask you!

When are you going to propose?

Asking a man when he’s going to propose is handing him the power to define the relationship. Why would you want a man to marry you who is not excited or ready enough to ask you? If a relationship is not progressing within your own internal deadlines, don’t pester him about where things are going. Let him know that you’ve had a great time together, but that you seem to want different things, and then peace out. If he can’t live without you, he’ll get ready—quick.

It’s best to avoid questions like these, because you’ll often get the reply the guy thinks you want to hear (even if it’s not the truth), or get a reply that you didn’t want and get your feelings hurt unnecessarily. Innocent curiosity can cross the line into invasive investigation if you aren’t careful!

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